Today we visited Warderick Wells Cay, the headquarters of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. This park, which covers a 176 square mile expanse, was established in 1958; it was the first of its kind in the entire world. The park is stewarded by the Bahamas National Trust. The trust is responsible for managing all national parks throughout the Bahamas.

In the morning, we ventured off to Beryl’s Beach on Warderick Wells to snorkel the beautiful patch reefs located off its coast. Some guests ventured onto the trails behind the beach. They got to meet the charismatic northern curly-tailed lizards that dwell in the area.

In the afternoon, we explored the island through two new lenses: kayaking and hiking! The hikers got a taste of the limestone landscape and coastal coppice ecosystems that characterize the Bahamas. They saw a variety of wildlife, including endemic mockingbirds and hutias. The kayakers leisurely cruised through the Bahama blue waters. They enjoyed sightings of triggerfish and nurse sharks.