Cruising past the numerous red, orange, and yellow hues of fall foliage, National Geographic Sea Lion came upon the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse. Everyone got their cameras ready to capture the eerie scene as fog rose slowly above the Hudson River. After circling the lighthouse a few times, we continued toward the Catskills. We were given the opportunity to visit two state historic sites: Thomas Cole’s house and the house of Frederic Church, the Olana. The house and art studio hold original sketches and masterpieces by Thomas Cole, one of the original artists of America’s first art movement, the Hudson River School. Viewing the intricate pieces inspired a few individuals, and after soaking in the essence of Thomas Cole, some guests tried their hand at painting the surrounding landscape. We also got the opportunity to visit Olana, a Persian style historic house museum that was once owned by Frederic Church, another member of the Hudson River School. After getting our fill of these historic places, it was time to have lunch before our next adventure. In the afternoon, we went to Churchtown Dairy, a dairy farm that hosts an annual farmers market. Young calves, goats, and dairy cows were eager to receive affection. Petting a large fuzzy animal was the perfect ending to an incredibly enriching day.