The alpenglow of the snowcapped Olympic Range wished us good morning and farewell, from the United States to the Canuck welcoming committee of Canadian goose, red and white air dancers, and the verdant capital of British Columbia: The Garden City of Victoria.

Crisp, sunny, and clear weather watched over us throughout the day as we rode bikes along the seashore to the world’s tallest freestanding totem pole or strolled through downtown and the historic waterfront on interpretive and gustatory adventures. We let our eyes wander through the foliage and flora of the city’s most-famed and super-secretive gardens.

The undersea team took advantage of a slack low tide to explore the world-renowned Ogden Point breakwater just a short walk from the ship. They documented perhaps the most secret garden of the city: Fields of giant plumose anemones— “Anthozoans” or “flower animals” by their phylogeny.

Cocktail hour found us enjoying the expansive collection of local and traditional pieces at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria before returning to National Geographic Quest to continue our Pacific North journey. Onward!