The first Zodiacs departed at 7:15 a.m. for a remote island in Vansittart Bay. We were treated to calm waters, scattered clouds, and a beautiful Kimberley sunrise. Upon arriving, groups visited the site of the World War II C53 aircraft crash. We explored the area and discovered the fresh tracks of a variety of animals—dingoes, cattle, crabs, herons, and a croc.

In the afternoon, we headed toward Jar Island to observe and reflect upon the rock art of the Gwion Gwion. On the walk to the various rock galleries, we saw a sacred burial site, butterflies, and tall mulla mulla. The artwork ranged in age from 20,000 years to a few thousand years old. It is difficult to date this type of medium, so this is an estimate. Aboriginal people used red ochre. It oxidized over time, leaving an impression that has endured in this harsh environment.

Text and photos by Aide Villalobos and Brandy Hill