Blue skies and sunshine greeted guests as they awoke to a beautiful day in Southeast Alaska. An incredible week was capped off by an adventurous morning in Ushk Bay. Ushk Bay, located on a southern portion Chichagof Island, is home to a large variety of wildlife, including a large population of coastal brown bears. Guests were delighted to watch a bear fish for salmon and run up and down the shore during the outgoing tide.

After a morning of exploring Ushk Bay, a few fearless guests and staff braved the cold Alaskan waters and participated in the Polar Plunge. As swimmers swam a short distance from one Zodiac to another, dry towels and sunshine quickly warmed their spirits. After lunch, National Geographic Quest continued its voyage toward Baranof Island. Sitka, the final destination of our journey, is located on the western side of Baranof Island. National Geographic Quest navigated through Peril Strait and Sergius Narrows during slack tide so that the ship could safely pass through the narrow passageway. Tomorrow morning, guests will arrive in Sitka and begin their journey home.