It is hard to believe that our wonderful sailing adventure along the coast of Southern Italy and Sicily is drawing to a close. Our last day together found us under sail in the middle of the Adriatic Sea with clear, bright skies and a gentle breeze – perfect for our planned adventure of the day – “Hit the Rig”! After careful planning and practice we were able to offer the guests the opportunity to harness up and go out onto the bowsprit of the ship under supervision of the Sea Cloud crew. This was definitely a crowd-pleasing activity, even for those who did not gear up, as it was a great spectator sport as well! This was quickly followed up with a talk on the history of olive oil and an olive oil tasting on the spanker deck featuring samples of oils from Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, and Italy.

The legendary parmesan cheese wheel appeared for lunch along with several regional delicacies. Ashely, our assistant expedition leader, presented a thought-provoking analysis of The Godfather, which just seemed to bring our experiences in Sicily alive. Our time aboard the legendary, luxurious, and enchanting Sea Cloud has truly been an experience of a lifetime!