When we write these Daily Expedition Reports onboard various Lindblad ships, one of the template requisites is the name of the place we visited that day. What could be added to that template, in addition to location, is something like: “Someplace stunningly beautiful with amazing wildlife,” or, “How lucky we all are to be here today.” This is true for every single day of an expedition. We will tell you where we went today, besides somewhere stunningly beautiful, in addition to feeling lucky to be here: we investigated the Ucayali River pre-breakfast, Belluda Caño post-breakfast, and the Dorado River from late afternoon to past dark. As the accompanying photos attest, we were richly rewarded. With so many great sightings, we could not include them all, like finding the following: three species of monkeys, a multitude of sloths, several flitting blue morpho butterflies, an Amazonia umbrellabird, white caimans, and dozens and dozens of other species.

It is worth your time and effort to get out in the middle of nowhere. It is stunningly beautiful with amazing wildlife, and we feel very, very lucky to be here.