This morning our mugs warmed our hands as we stood, awestruck, and took in the scenery around us. The steam from our beverages rose to mix with the low clouds and fog, hiding the massive peaks of the glacially eroded walls of the fjord. Time seemed to stand still as National Geographic Sea Lion slipped into her anchorage at Walker Cove. Curiosity overtook us as we landed on the beach, excited to poke into the untouched forest and discover the secrets within. We followed some trodden paths, most frequented by bears as evidenced by the scat on the trail. We laughed and joked, forgetting our collective ages, and embraced our sense of play. We stretched out on blankets of moss inches thick, sampling berries, singing songs, and reveling in the friendships we have cultivated over the last few days. Our Global Explorers had the opportunity to hang up their scholarly hats and seize the chance to learn how to drive a Zodiac. Undoubtedly their parents will get many a request for the gift of a Zodiac for future holidays.

Buzzing with excitement from the morning’s activities, National Geographic Sea Lion hoisted anchor to make the transit down to the glacier. Large icebergs and growlers passed by the windows as we enjoyed the warmth and comfort of a fabulous meal.

Rounding the narrow waterways of the fjord, we could just glance the top of Sawyer, the tidewater glacier we were about to visit. We loaded into our Zodiacs and set out on one final expedition. White thunder boomed as the calving glacier mesmerized us, making us fearful to blink in case we missed a special moment. The shades of blue emitting from the glacier were beyond words. Sad as we were to turn away, the impact of the sights and echoes formed strong memories to share with our loved ones upon our return home. We will let them know how special Southeast Alaska truly is.