Happy 4th of July from South Sawyer Glacier!

Today was truly a day of celebrations! We sailed out of Juneau and crossed the bar into Tracy Arm on the 4th of July. Groups boarded Zodiacs for our first adventure, and we could barely contain our excitement at seeing a tidewater glacier up close. A guest celebrated a milestone 90th birthday on this expedition, and she beamed with joy as we zoomed past floating blue ice to the face of the South Sawyer Glacier.

Ice drifted by in large masses with harbor seal mothers and pups hauled up on the ice and vocalizing to each other in the water. We watched in awe as the glacier cracked and calved into the water below with thunderous power and a glorious splash…it was the best of ways to celebrate the first day of our adventure!

To close out the day, our Global Explorers used pieces of glacier ice that we collected during our Zodiac tour to watercolor their memories of the trip of a lifetime.