Guests awoke aboard National Geographic Sea Lion on their first morning as the ship maneuvered into the majestic Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness. Glacially carved mountains grew out of the almost tropical looking water and climbed high into the clouds. As guests enjoyed morning coffee around 7:00 a.m., a black bear along the shoreline entertained them while grazing for a morning meal. After breakfast, we loaded the Zodiacs and took off for an adventurous start. Zipping through the fjord with the wind in our hair, we spotted a lone mountain goat grazing high up on the alder bushes. Farther along, closer to South Sawyer Glacier, harbor seals were easily spotted. Their shiny heads and curious eyes poked up just above the water line. To our delight, the mythical thunder bird roared multiple times. Calvings and shooters were witnessed, with royal blue ice exposed. The beauty and density of glacier ice were studied firsthand as guest were able to look closely at the intricate details of a growler.

Back on-board National Geographic Sea Lion, lunch commenced, and guests took a quick reprieve in the warmth before heading back out for afternoon activities. With a snowmelt waterfall in the background and a beached bergy bit on shore, kayaks were launched, and guests explored Tracy Arm Fjord towards Sawyer Glacier. A few brave, very well-balanced guests also chose standup paddleboarding. Getting up close and personal with waterfalls along the fjord walls, guests enjoyed their time as the afternoon rolled by. The day concluded with a cocktail hour interrupted by a bear on shore and a delicious dinner in the dining room. We spent a great day exploring and experiencing Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness.