We entered Endicott Arm this morning shortly before breakfast. It was a calm and clear morning, so calm that the blows of three humpback whales swimming near shore were fairly easy to spot. We followed from a distance, and soon one of the whales turned and we were able not only to get a great view, but to hear the powerful exhalations as well.  Our mammal sightings continued with a plentitude of harbor seals hauled out on the ice that choked the approach to Endicott Arm. As we waited for our cruise up to the glacier, we spotted a mountain goat casually walking around the shrubby alders high above. The cruise up to the glacier was filled with seals, glacial ice, hot chocolate, and enough sunshine to give us rosy cheeks from a Southeast Alaskan sunburn.

Some of our Global Explorers were inspired to write of their sightings of the day.  We share that with you now.

Glacier Calving

Grand wall of spiked ice

Glacial blue and white throughout

Huge spires crash below

Jason Riedl


Whales are beautiful

Misty spouts, strong tails, big hearts.

Diving deep for food

By Emi Holey