Entering Tracy Arm early this morning we meandered through the glacially carved fjord, parking the boat just around the corner from the glacier. We took off in our Zodiacs and witnessed stunning, glacially fed waterfalls crashing down from the towering fjord walls, surrounded by deep blue ice that had recently calved. As we rounded the corner we got our first glimpse of South Sawyer Glacier. We approached the glacier and saw harbor seals warming themselves on the ice and a bald eagle soaring over the fjord.

Once at the face of the glacier, we observed several large calving events which let out thunderous roars as the ice broke off and fell to the water. These calving events created incredibly large waves and left behind brilliant blue windows of freshly exposed ice.

After getting up close and personal with South Sawyer Glacier our Global Explorers got to paint pictures illustrating their Zodiac experience using watercolors mixed with glacier water. They then delved even deeper into the science behind glaciers by making glacier sundaes. Our activities continued later in the afternoon when we leapt from the Zodiacs into the ice filled waters of Tracy Arm.