Today we took morning Zodiac rides through the stunning landscape of Tracy Arm Fjord to the face of South Sawyer Glacier. This towering glacier provided a majestic backdrop as guests marveled at calving ice and cascading waterfalls. Both groups experienced massive calving events, as well as harbor seals and mountain goats hanging out near the water. We were mesmerized by the shapes and shades of the ice around us, ranging from white to the most beautiful color of blue. The naturalist led informative discussions about the local geology and the glacial formation of the beautiful place we were in. This afternoon we went hiking in Williams Cove where some lucky guests got to see a bear as it walked into the forest. We were completely spoiled by the weather with sunny blue skies all day long — a rarity in this part of the world. The day ended with smooth sailing as we watched our guest slideshow and relived the amazing week we had building memories, eating good food, and experiencing true Alaska wilderness.