We awoke to Alaskan sun yet again! After a busy day in Petersburg yesterday, we spent the early hours of this morning voyaging into Tracy Arm Fjord. Following a delicious breakfast (featuring eggs Benedict), it was time for Zodiac tours of the fjord, its many beautiful waterfalls, and approaching South Sawyer Glacier.

Aboard Zodiacs, guests were dazzled by a very active Sawyer Glacier; we witnessed several large (and loud) calving events from a safe but exciting distance. Throughout the ride, curious harbour seals and pups observed our Zodiacs from the safety of their icebergs or the water. We were also boarded by some suspiciously friendly Vikings, who offered us delicious, warm beverages in the face of the cool wind sweeping in from the glacier. Finally, the natural history staff made sure to opportunistically bring aboard small ‘bergy bits’ from the surrounding waters for guests to inspect and, in some cases, taste!

Following morning Zodiac tours, we gathered for lunch. After appetites were sated, it was time to prepare for disembarkation. We spent the afternoon cruising, with several opportunities to see humpback whales and the chance to get plenty of sun on the bow. We finished the day with wonderful field staff recaps, a guest slideshow, and shared appreciation for a wonderful voyage.