Humbling. I find this to be the most fitting word for sailing deep into the fjords of Alaska. Countless waterfalls, each deserving its own celebration, cascaded down the steep walls of our passage. Our ship, but a blip in this massive landscape, nimbly navigated in the spattering of early-season ice. Today, we aimed to see the glaciers that are responsible for making up Southeast Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes. For the entirety of our voyage, we’ve traversed through fjords carved by these sculptors, celebrating the beauty of their artistry. Today was a pilgrimage to their creators.

For our morning excursion, we set off to explore the area via kayak. Getting low to the water offered us a perspective unlike what we had experienced thus far. The protected waters of the fjord were ideal conditions for paddling, the soundscape of waterfalls and ice complemented by the slicing of our paddles. The serenity of such a remote land and the beauty it holds were not lost on us.

For the afternoon, our Zodiacs were the best choice for visiting South Sawyer Glacier. Pushing through the thick channels of growlers, bergy bits, and proper icebergs, we found front row seats to view the glacier’s show. It was a jaw-dropping experience to witness this massive river of ice, as the pure size and force were humbling. Thunderous cracks resonated in the high fjord walls when the ice moved seaward, an honor to behold.

Upon returning to the ship, we celebrated the closing of our voyage. Reflecting on the times had and people met, we took stock of the diversity and depth of experiences this week has held. Southeast Alaska never disappoints, and it exceeded our hopes this week.