Until now, we have skirted the mercurial weather of the South Atlantic. Though the sun has been rare, we have been lucky with calm seas and easy access to some of the most exciting landing sights South Georgia and the Falklands have to offer. Today, as our trip nears its end, we had the opportunity to experience a small taste of the conditions that make this such a notorious region for seafarers and explorers. With sustained winds of up to 50 knots wrapping around Cape Horn, the ocean quickly began to churn. Our captain and bridge team found us shelter in the Beagle Channel where we spent the day appreciating the power of the ocean and the biodiversity of Tierra del Fuego. While onboard in the comfort of our new ship/home, National Geographic photographer Camille Seaman shared a collection of photographs she took throughout the last two weeks. Naturalists Madalena Pachaco and Bud Lenhausen shared stories of exploration and changing climates.

Photo caption: The chart shows our way to protection from the storm in the Beagle Channel. Photo by Alex Krowiak