After saying goodbye to Dunedin, we set sail towards the Subantarctic Islands. We had calm seas and foggy weather in the morning, so we focused on discussing plans for the voyage and introducing our experienced expedition team. Mandatory briefings on biosecurity and landings were followed by the biosecurity decontamination. Chef Sara invited guests to enjoy a very special treat, New Zealand oysters and champagne. In the afternoon, we reached the Snares Islands, a group of uninhabited islands about 200 km south of New Zealand's South Island. We had an amazing time exploring the area near the Snares Islands by boat. In the water, we spotted swarms of krill and schools of fish as albatrosses fished in the area. We observed Snares penguins in the water and ashore, as well as Hooker’s sea lions and various seabirds.

Recap with the expedition team was very helpful, and we remembered the best moments from the day and discussed plans for tomorrow. In the evening, we had a delicious dinner at the ship’s restaurant, Two Seven Zero°.