The first full day was an exciting one as we boarded jet boats from the dock in Clarkston, Washington. We would be transiting south on the Snake River aboard two specially designed boats that are perfectly suited for the difficult navigation of the river. The Snake River has hundreds of rapids and shallow areas that require a special kind of vessel. Considered the “jet boat capital of the world,” Lewiston and Clarkston is home to a huge fleet of these specialty aquatic vehicles. Our jet boat operators deftly navigated the river and brought us deep into the Snake River to view all the sights it has to offer. Bighorn sheep, mule deer, and a wide range of birdlife greeted us along the way. Golden eagles soared high above. Bald eagles perched on trees, and we saw a variety of other birds of prey along the way. Columnar basalt and other incredible geological features greeted us at every twist and turn, highlighting the incredible formation of the river and her breathtaking banks. After returning, National Geographic Quest left the dock to begin our journey along the Snake River en route to the Columbia and on our way to the coast.