With relatively calm seas, National Geographic Explorer continued crossing the Drake Passage toward our destination, Antarctica. During the day, there were many activities, both mandatory and educational. We were grateful for time to relax, stretch, and embrace this new adventure.

After breakfast, we were introduced to the entire expedition team and the on-board scientists and to the concept of an expedition. We had the opportunity to sign up for Zodiac groups, and as the day progressed, our enthusiasm and growing anticipation of sights to see and look out for expanded.

In the afternoon, a mandatory IAATO briefing helped us learn the proper ways to behave as visitors to the amazing wilderness of Antarctica. Following this, teatime was held with an amazing range of sweet and savory snacks to get us through biosecurity practices. In just a short time, we had our first recap and briefing. We learned about the Antarctic Convergence, some maritime superstitions, how albatrosses feed, and some of the many environmental challenges faced by albatrosses in the modern day. Expedition leader Lucho explained what we hope to do in the coming days, with a possible first landing in the South Shetland Islands. It was a wonderful day on the ocean, and many of us took in the beautiful sunset and sights of whales before heading off to rest and prepare for the upcoming adventures.