Murmurs of mutiny have started to circulate around the ship today – or maybe it’s just me…? Do we really need to head home? Can’t we just turn around and go back again? We were blessed with so much good luck down on the Antarctic Peninsula: we had good weather, incredible wildlife sightings and a fantastic group of guests!

Today has been a bit of a shift, with a full day of fog and low-lying clouds at sea as we make our way north again. Bound for Ushuaia’s port tomorrow evening, it is tough to conceptualise that our journey is nearing its end. It’s not quite over, though. We had a fun day on board our floating village with great talks and activities throughout the day.

The morning started with an enchanting talk by National Geographic Photographer, Nick Cobbing, who introduced us to storyboard photography and ushered us into a wonderful world of breaking photography rules – to incredible results!

Midday, we were captivated by the wonderful undersea world captured by our undersea dive team. We got close and personal with the equipment that allows them to explore such wild and harsh conditions.

The highlight of the afternoon for many was the hour break, humorously listed on our daily program as “Mandatory Nap,” followed, of course, by a teatime full of delicious treats. An evening talk about cetaceans by Emily Mall, Naturalist extraordinaire, led into our final evening recap. After dinner, no one could miss our on-board iceberg challenge – see what you can find when looking at the incredible ice formations of Antarctica!