Many of us are veterans of the Drake Passage. While there are more tales of treacherous crossings than you can shake a stick at, today’s crossing was definitely not one of them! A little fog and a gentle swell conspired to lull many guests into napping, and why not? It seemed a fitting way to spend our penultimate day at sea after this amazing journey! Some guests focused on the call to pack before it becomes a last minute necessity!

This morning’s talk by our on-board science team was eagerly anticipated. A crowd showed up to learn more during the talk entitled, “Top Predators at the Bottom of the World.”

After lunch, photo instructor Jim Pfizer had the urge to tickle the ivories, and we were treated to a wonderful musical interlude while plates were cleared.

At 4:00 pm, our amazing hotel department put together a beautiful assortment of finger sandwiches for teatime in C. Greens. Despite the slightly increasing swells, it was well attended!

And at recap, geologist Serguei shared the results of his fanciful “shapes in ice” contest!