Our morning began with foggy skies and misting rain on board National Geographic Endurance. Guests joined various tour options, including an overview of the east side of the island or a short birding excursion to a local watering hole. The birding spot was a recently recovered wetland known as Paul da Praia da Vitória located very close to the center of town. Local guides were optimistic about the clouds and fog clearing as the day went on, and thankfully, they knew what they were talking about!

The afternoon held some of the best weather we’ve had thus far in the Azores. Bright, sunny skies with little to no wind allowed us to take off our rain jackets and enjoy that beautiful, bright light in the sky. This afternoon, we offered two options: a guided, walking tour of Angra do Heroismo and a hike at Baías da Agualva. The hike was the best one yet – full of wonderful views and not too strenuous. The city walk was incredibly rich, and guests enjoyed diving into the history and culture of the local people. We learned about various disputes between Portugal and Spain while walking in between restored buildings after the earthquake of 1980. To many, this was the best day of the trip so far!