This morning started gray, windy, and cold. We woke up to a view of Tay Head, a glacier free part of Joinville Island. As we approached the beach for the landing, we navigated through grounded bergy bits that were radiating blue. Many of the guests were able to go on a Lichen Safari, a delightfully long hike. We found Wedell seals enjoying a rest on land with some new pups and observed Adelie penguins at their colony and in the water. Blue-eyed shags, polar skuas, and Antarctic terns filled the skies as some guests enjoyed a Zodiac cruise while others explored land.

The afternoon was spent searching parts of the Weddell Sea that are considered killer whale hotspots. As we searched for the apex predators, the sun came out and the seas calmed. The decks were full of photographers and sun seekers getting a dose of vitamin D. Unfortunately, we did not find any killer whales, but the sea ice and penguins stole the show and mesmerized explorers on all decks. For many, experiencing such a large variety of sea ice throughout the day was a highlight. We shall see what tomorrow brings.