After cruising during the night, National Geographic Orion arrived at its morning destination, Tahanea Atoll. This atoll measures 48 kilometers in length with a maximum width of 15.2 kilometers. This unique and pristine place is uninhabited and undisturbed; it is designated as a nature reserve. Where there was once a village, only a few traces of human activity are found here today, including coconut groves and fishing huts.

We anchored inside the lagoon. Soon after breakfast, we loaded the Zodiac and headed off to explore. We found a good area for guests who wanted to walk and a lovely beach for those who wanted to see the underwater world. Eager to take advantage of this paradise, a group of guests went for a dive outside the atoll.

It was a great morning to enjoy all that this pristine paradise had to offer. Those of us who went for the walk had great sightings of Tuamotu sandpipers, Tuamotu reed warblers, and many other interesting birds. The underwater world was loaded with beautiful bommies of coral and lots of marine life. A handful of blacktip reef sharks swam around the snorkelers. It was a unique experience for all our guests.

Back on board, we enjoyed a delicious barbecue lunch. We weighed anchor and started on our way to our next destination. Every day of our trip has been loaded with unforgettable memories.