The first day of our expedition was packed with activities. We arrived in Taha’a and started the morning with a visit to a vanilla plantation. It was a picturesque location with an interesting history. After a bit of shopping, we moved to a private motu, a beautiful private island where our guests could relax, do a bit of snorkeling, and enjoy a drink in the shade of palm trees. During our snorkeling excursion, we saw blacktip reef sharks. Conditions were perfect and guests loved it. Fear of sharks overcome!

During our well-deserved lunch onboard, we sailed to Ra’iatea for the sacred visit to the marae of Taputapuatea, the center of the Polynesian triangle and an integral part of Polynesian culture and unity. Some of us made a short but steep hike to an outlook where we enjoyed the majestic view over the pass and the marae to take in the peaceful atmosphere. Some went for a photo walk with our experts and had great fun taking pictures. It was another wonderful day appreciating what Polynesia has to offer: wildlife, beauty, and culture.