The last day of our journey across the remote Pacific began with an overcast sunrise. We had cruised from Bora Bora since dawn. As clouds filtered the sunrays, the lush topography of Taha’a was revealed.

Two activities were offered to guests. One group visited a vanilla farm. Here, they learned how flowers are hand-pollinated to get vanilla pods. Guests experienced the processes of extracting, drying, and processing the pods.

The other group snorkeled in the surrounding waters of the motu Mahaea. This little paradise had lots of surprises for guests. A light rain fell, and the experience will remain in our memories.

We returned to the ship for lunch and to reposition to the UNESCO archeological site of Taputapuatea. As we cruised, we enjoyed the lovely scenery and topography of Raiatea. Guests were excited to disembark and learn more about this sacred place.

Upon our arrival, local guide Susan was waiting for us. We boarded a bus, and Susan shared the area’s history as we drove.  

We arrived to the Taputapuatea, and Tua Pittman, our Cultural Expert, gave us an introduction to the sacred areas. We made a very special visit to the remains of the marae. We had the honor of meeting one of the members of the chiefly family of Tamatoa, Matorae.

Matorae offered a special ceremony in the marae for us. Guests were allowed to walk inside the marae. It was a very special moment for each of us. Having the opportunity to be part of this event will remain in our memories.

It seems like not long ago that we started in Palau, and now our journey has come to an end. What we experienced during each of our visits, the friendly people we met, and the smiles we shared will all remain in our memories.