Lasts evening, the ship sailed deep into Starnes Fjord on the southwest corner of Ellesmere Island. We spent a quiet night there, escaping the winds and ice of Jones Sound.

In the morning, National Geographic Endurance moved south inside the fjord, and a number of excursions were offered after breakfast. Some opted for a hike on land, a few took a Zodiac cruise along the shoreline, and most of the guests took advantage of the stunning, clear, and calm weather by spending their morning in kayaks. The conditions for kayaking couldn’t have been better.

To celebrate our morning on Ellesmere Island, we decided to take a quick plunge into the icy Arctic waters. Many of the crew joined a good showing of the bravest guests.

And now, it’s time that we leave the Canadian Arctic. We head north this afternoon for the western coast of Greenland and a true week of exploring places most of us have never been before.