While still at sea in the morning, we joined naturalist Dan Odess for his presentation, “The Search for the First Explorers.” Before arriving in Stanley, expedition leader Russ Evans, who grew up here, shared another presentation entitled, “An Insight to Life in the Falkland Islands.”

After lunch and disembarkation, we took a tour of Stanley’s highlights. Meanwhile, the expedition dive team conducted their first dive in the slightly warmer waters around the Falkland Islands. They captured footage to present during recap in the Ice Lounge and collected water samples for a project.

In the evening, we were lucky to observe tens of thousands of shearwaters as they returned from sea to their nests on land. We finished the day with an auction of amazing items to support the South Georgia Heritage Trust and Friends of South Georgia Island: Rats Free South Georgia! More information can be found here: www.sght.org