We spent the day sailing towards the Antarctic Circle and preparing for our first operations on the continent tomorrow. During the morning, we learned about the measures we need to take to keep Antarctica pristine. We examined our outer gear to make sure we do not introduce any foreign species during our visits.

Photo Instructor Shayne Sanders did a presentation about the birds of the Southern Ocean, and Geologist Jacqueline Windh took us on a journey to learn how Antarctica has changed over the course of time. As Undersea Specialist Amy Malkoski started her presentation on krill, we had our first encounter with humpback whales! Our guests observed the animals from the bow of our ship, and we were gifted with great views of the whales, albatrosses, and icebergs all around us.

This evening, we had a formal welcome by Captain Yuriy Tupikov and the on-board officers. We ended an amazing day with anticipation for our adventures tomorrow.