Today is glacier day! We left Glacier Bay as the sun set last night and headed to Tracy Arm and South Sawyer Glacier. Along the way, naturalists on the bow spotted mountain goats – two sets of mom and kit pairs! We got out the spotting scope so guests could enjoy a close-up view. It is so special to see these animals scale the steep cliff sides. Next, the bridge team drew the nose of our ship extraordinarily close to two neighboring cascades of water gushing down rock faces. Since we are in a fjord system, the waters are very deep right up to the face of the rocks, which means the ship can get very close! After lunch, the deck team lowered the Zodiacs, and off we went – to the glacier! We explored icebergs and dramatic rock formations along the route to the face of South Sawyer Glacier. There is something awe-inspiring about being in the presence of glaciers – they are life changing. What a stunning day in Southeast Alaska. Tomorrow, we arrive in Petersburg!