We arrived at South Plaza Island on the eastern realm of Santa Cruz Island today. Located in the center of the archipelago, Santa Cruz is the second largest island of the Galapagos. We started early with an amazing pre-breakfast outing. We saw many seabirds nesting and resting on the rocks along the coast. The morning was lovely as we boarded Zodiacs. We visited the home of one of the most emblematic creatures of the archipelago, the yellowish golden reptiles known as Galapagos land iguanas (Conolophus subcristatus). The Galapagos National Park has put in a lot of effort to conserve the area.

After breakfast, some of our guests took a swim in the turquoise waters that surround South Plaza. Later, we enjoyed stretching sessions and photography classes.

In the afternoon, we headed to Santa Fe Island and went for a remarkable kayak outing along the cliffs. Deep water snorkelers enjoyed observing amazing marine wildlife in the deep blue. We swam with lots of colorful fish and playful sea lions. Afterwards, our guests had a pleasant time walking amid dozens of very curious sea lions. We found Santa Fe land iguanas beside the breeding colony of sea lions.

Today was another special experience in paradise, and our guests will take home many memories! Today’s visit was outstanding!