Sometimes, plan B turns out to be the best plan.

Guests and staff got up earlier than normal today because a real adventure awaited us! We sailed among icebergs with snow cover and fog that prevented us from seeing more than a mile ahead as we headed to explore the coast of the South Orkneys. How exciting! We didn't know what we would find, but we were clear that such a spectacular place was well worth a visit.

As we lowered the Zodiacs, we knew that we would soon obtain the desired reward. The loud squawking of penguins was heard everywhere. And, indeed, as soon as we approached to explore the coast on Zodiacs, hundreds of chinstrap penguins were waiting for us! Weddell seals frolicked, leopard seals protected their territory, and penguins everywhere delighted guests and Zodiac drivers.

In the afternoon and under a radiant sun, we headed towards the Weddell Sea. A beautiful blue whale accompanied us part of the way while the bridge team skillfully moved through the icebergs that surrounded us.

A stunning and improvised day aboard National Geographic Explorer, where plan B is sometimes the best!