It was indeed a Happy Halloween as we made it to South Georgia! Our first excursion saw us at Hercules Bay, a scenic cove with wildlife populating the beaches, air, and water, while a multi-drop waterfall set the scenic tone. After lunch, and a brief encounter with killer whales, we cruised based Leith Harbor, the largest of the former whaling stations on South Georgia. Before long we made our way in at Grytviken to clear into the UK overseas territory. The officials came on board and after their inspection we headed ashore to visit the abandon station that now acts as an open-air historical site. For the evening’s festivities, a very fun and spooky Halloween cocktail party was held, and two special guests were married by Captain Aaron Wood on the back deck at a specially created altar for the occasion. After the vows, the attending company burst into howls, instead of applause. A glorious day.