Aboard National Geographic Islander II, our day unfolded with simple pleasures and genuine excitement in the Galápagos Islands. We kicked off the morning at Sombrero Chino Island, where some guests started their day with a casual stretching session on the beach led by our wellness specialist. It was a refreshing way to greet the day, followed by a hearty breakfast that fueled everyone for the adventures ahead.

After breakfast, guests hopped into Zodiacs for a laidback ride to scout for wildlife with eager eyes and ready cameras. The snorkeling session in the bay's turquoise waters was a highlight, offering a peek into the underwater world. Other guests preferred tranquil beach time, enjoying the sun and sand in a more relaxed fashion.

In the afternoon, the ship made its way to Sullivan Bay. The terrain was starkly different, with its young lava flows creating a rugged, moon-like landscape. Guests had the option to explore this unique environment by hiking across the solidified lava or taking a Zodiac tour along the shore. They were lucky enough to spot sea lions, blue-footed boobies, and even a few penguins.