Today we visited Sombrero Chino on the west side of the archipelago. We boarded Zodiacs for an amazing pre-breakfast kayak along the cliff sides of the islet. Guests found many seabirds nesting and resting on the rocks to photograph. On a small sandy beach, some guests enjoyed a stretching class.

After breakfast, a Zodiac exploration allowed us to visit the home of one of the most emblematic creatures of the archipelago, Galapagos penguins. We found several of the creatures in one of the visitors’ sites. The Galapagos National Park puts a lot of effort into conserving this place. Later, we went deep-water snorkeling to enjoy the water while playing with sea lions, sharks, and Pacific green sea turtles.

In the afternoon, we headed to Santiago Island to visit Sullivan Bay. We took a hike that allowed us to understand the volcanism and formation of the Galapagos. We had the feeling of being transported back to a time when the land was newly formed. It was a very special experience in paradise! We enjoyed a beautiful and relaxing sunset at the end of the day.