We started our day with hopes to land at Brown Bluff, but we had to make alternate plans due to strong winds. While we were creating plan B, we were privileged to observe amazing fog reflections and morning light on the incredible icebergs.

Our captain navigated us front and center before an extremely large tabular iceberg that was at least five miles wide. Most guests braved the strong winds to get out on deck and see this spectacular iceberg.

Later in the afternoon, we made our way to Snow Hill Island. Led by Nordenskjold in 1901 to 1904, this is where the historic Swedish Antarctic Expedition explored the Weddell Sea. Nordenskjold set up a prefabricated hut at Snow Hill Island where he and his five companions spent the winters of 1902 and 1903, mapping the Antarctic Peninsula and performing scientific experiments. The explorers had to shelter in place while waiting to be rescued after the ship sent to bring them home sank. The hut that housed these scientists and explorers for two winters (one unexpected) is one of the most interesting parts of the island.

While some guests were on shore searching for fossils and exploring the island, especially the hut, the rest were Zodiac cruising around the magnificent iceberg shapes and structures. We observed several Weddell seals and Adelie penguins as well.  

Written Jessica Lawson and Martin Cohen