This morning, we woke to another gorgeous field of icebergs in a dramatic setting with mountains and glaciers in the background. We have arrived at Snow Hill Island, a historic area. This late in the summer, the area is devoid of the snow it is named for.

As we traveled closer to shore by Zodiac, we glimpsed a small hut left behind by Swedish explorers over 100 years ago. We spotted a few tents near the hut where seasonal scientists camp while studying the historic site. The crew offered the Argentinian scientists the use of Wi-Fi and boxes of wine. Smiles and pleasantries were shared as we passed by to visit the historic hut. We took in an amazing view from above the area. We found a pile of fossils from the Prehistoric Era in front of the hut with more in the surrounding area.

We took a grand walk up the hill and along the beach covered in icebergs. We spotted fin whales and a blue whale mother and calf swimming near our mighty ship. For over an hour, we watched the amazing, gigantic creatures diving around the ship. Today was a day to remember, one for the books indeed.