We awoke to a dry but cloudy morning, warmer than recent days and hemmed by the dramatic limestone cliffs of Skanax Bay. The morning afforded opportunities for introduction to the temperate rainforest, tide pooling, and paddling kayaks or paddleboards. Banana slugs stole the show in the forest (we counted over 40 along our morning hike!). During the afternoon, we cruised Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait as we searched for marine mammals. Our search was rewarded, as a group of bubble-netting humpback whales interrupted recap and delayed dinner!

The day inspired creativity. Here, two poems:


Ode to Slug

O slug, slugly slug, infernal creature

Were you to speak you would be a great teacher

Words to describe you I have none

For you have numbed me with Neurotoxin

Your gelded fate I do not desire

But it is your simple life that I do admire

By Joey Bautista, Guest


Tiny fish tremble

Whales screeching for their dinner

Bullying their food

By Charlie Napier, Guest and Global Explorer