Waking on National Geographic Explorer, we found ourselves docked alongside the town of Sisimiut, Greenland. Taking a long walk out on Tele Island, we enjoyed the nature and wildlife that surrounds the remote village. Others enjoyed city walks of a variety of lengths in which we learned about local life and the history of this village.

The outdoor museum is a living relic of the traditional homes built and inhabited by local people. These homes stand in contrast to those built during the colonialist era of Sisimiut. When we entered the homes, we saw different sections based on the lives of the people living there, such as a canoe and hunting gear hanging on the walls.

At SØma Hotel, we enjoyed a local food tasting with muskox soup, dried cod, snow crab, caplins, and reindeer sausage. At recap in the evening, we rounded out our enjoyment of local cuisine with a beer tasting, trying five different Greenlandic brewed beers. We sailed to our destination with our bellies happy and our cameras full.