This morning, we continued out of the storm and into the Gulf of Siracusa. Photo instructor Anna Mazurek presented “Tips for Night Photography” in preparation for her guided night photography walk in the evening. Chef de Cuisine, Rajko Kosanovic, offered a special Pasta Puttanesca Cooking Class during lunch that filled the Lido Deck with fragrances and our bellies with delight. Sea Cloud docked inside the bay at the ‘river dock’ that separates the island of Ortygia from the rest of the city, and we disembarked for a guided walk through the Old Town. The highlight of the afternoon was the Cathedral of St. Lucia, or Il Duomo. The entire history of Sicily can be told in the fascinating historical stratification of this cathedral, which has been repurposed many times. It is currently dedicated to St. Lucia but incorporates columns dating back to the Ancient Greek Temple of Athena.