After a day at sea, we awake at the rugged South Orkney Islands, about halfway between South Georgia Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. It is a little cooler this morning, with a bit of wind, but the scenery is spectacular. We make a morning landing at Signy Island. In 20+ years this is only the second time I have landed here.

After lunch we are given a truly rare experience, a visit to the British Antarctic Survey’s Signy Station. This is a summer-only station. It is small, but with a long history. Jerry, the station manager, gives us a tour and a summary of the life and times of the small contingent working here, doing research and support. Currently there are six people at the station.

Later in the afternoon, at sea, we begin to encounter whales; big whales, fin whales, lots of whales. They are here for the krill, just like the fishing boats. Penguins are here too, chinstraps and some Adelies. These penguins must have finished raising their chicks because it looks like they have taken up residence on the local icebergs to be closer to their food.