Today was sunny and windy. We had gusts of up to 27 knots but that did not stop our adventurous guests from heading out to explore Shroud Cay. The morning was spent either snorkeling or Zodiac cruising through the red mangrove forest. There were sightings of green turtles and lemon sharks in the sandy shallows.

Our afternoon’s activity was playing in “The Washing Machine,” a place where the movement of water flowing in and out of the mangroves causes a natural lazy river. Guests spent the sunny hours playing in the waves and water. After being saturated with the sea, guests had the chance to walk up to driftwood camp, a lookout with a spectacular view of the beach and waves. The overall feeling was of sun-kissed satisfaction as everyone headed to dinner this evening to enjoy a Bahamian food buffet. Excited for more days to come!