After a beautiful and restful night at anchor outside of Sitka in Beehive Cove, we awoke. With our bodies and minds recharged after our previous day of travel, we set sail to Sergius Narrows and Peril Strait – a narrow waterway that meanders its way between Baranof and Chichagof Islands in Southeast Alaska. Humpback whales entertained us with their breathing as we made our way to our afternoon destination of Sitkoh Bay. Sitkoh Bay is on the southeast corner of Chichagof Island, and it serves as a magnificent reminder that even an area that has been clear-cut in its past can rebound when left untouched by man. We spent our afternoon hiking in this spectacular area – witnessing new growth forest, banana slugs, bald eagles, and brown bears.  We frolicked amongst them, breathed in the rich fresh air that surrounded us, and gained new perspectives on life in this spectacular temperate rainforest. With more days to come, our desires for nature were satiated for the day. Thank you, Southeast Alaska!