Arriving at Seno Pia, we lowered Zodiacs and completed a morning cruise during which we viewed the spectacular terminus of the Pia Glacier. Above the glacier, the peaks of the surrounding mountains provided a backdrop of wondrous scenery. After observing many glacial features, including some impressive lateral and terminal moraines, our cruise followed the coastline of a sheltered bay, allowing us to enter small coves and inlets lined with sub-Antarctic forests primarily made up of linga. On either side of the Pia Glacier terminus, Jurassic and Cretaceous sedimentary strata provided us the opportunity to reflect on the power and forces of nature to uplift and fold these rocks into near vertical bedding sequences. While touring in the Zodiacs, we observed oystercatchers, cormorants, and kelp gulls, as well as abundant kelp on the surface of the green and glacial flour-laden waters in front of the Pia Glacier.

In the afternoon, we navigated through the Beagle Channel and then pushed farther inside the Chilean fiords. We enjoyed a hike at Seno Heli, a new location for Lindblad and one that affords tremendous views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls. A 90-minute hike was enjoyed by many. The hike took us to an overlook that allowed for panoramic vistas of the Patagonia landscape. Scrambling across a very slippery hillside to find a walking route through the forested and grassland environment provided a special experience for all those who joined the onshore excursion. Another day in a place so very special for all its beauty and majestic landscapes.