We woke to cloudy, misty skies, but this did not deter the enthusiasm of folks keen to get outdoors. Bushwhackers left on their three-hour-tour. They were amped for what they would find ashore. Casual and moderate hikers knew they were in for a good nature session along the tideline and into the forest along the edges of Security Bay. The kayakers kept it real and spent some time up close and personal with the watery world surrounding the ship. Each guest brought back stories of adventures as we sailed north in search of the bubble-netters. After a presentation by Jeff about the charismatic marine mammals we call humpbacks, we were finally treated to an excellent few sessions of whale watching, including some tail thrashing and bubble-net feeding. After dinner, a brown bear upstaged a few whales feeding very close to the ship. Despite the fine misty rain that came and went throughout the day, or perhaps enhanced by it, new sights and sounds added layer after layer to our already diverse list of experiences on the voyage thus far.