This morning, we woke to high winds as we approached the crater island of Satonda. Fortunately, these winds died down throughout the day. The first activity was a hike with three levels of difficulty offered to cater to each guests’ desires. The hike offered great vistas over the flat turquoise-blue lake in the center of the island. Many bird species could be spotted, including the blue tailed bee eater and a spangled drongo. A roost of bats could be heard in the distance as well.

Following our hike, we began our water activities. This involved snorkelling, diving, and venturing out in the glass bottom Zodiac. All were a huge success with clear, calm waters and an abundance of healthy marine life. Some highlights were the extensive soft coral coverage and the ubiquitous blue linckia starfish.

Next, we repositioned the ship to the nearby island of Sumbawa for our cultural visit. This island has volcanic black sand and offers an equally warm welcome. The community met us on the beach in their finest attire and performed several acts for us. There was also local coffee on offer.