Guests awoke to beautiful sunlight and watched the first rays break across the jagged pinnacles of the Indonesian skyline. The closest and most distinct peaks belonged to the uniquely formed Satonda Island. This unusual landmass is the crater of a previously active volcanic pinnacle. Over time, this central crater has filled with seawater, leaving behind an almost perfectly circular ring of tropical forest that is home to a plethora of flora and fauna. Wellness specialist Belinda began the day with morning stretches for those inclined. On offer at a similar time was a sunrise hike. This was a great option for both avid birders and walkers alike. Upon arrival, guests were greeted by long-tailed macaques patrolling the beaches and a cacophony of enticing birdsong. The first point of interest was the central lake, which was a short walk from the landing. From here, guests had the option to take the ascent up to the nearest vista and enjoy stunning views of the island’s interior.

Once back on the ship, guests enjoyed breakfast and prepped for their second excursion of the morning. We shuttled in Zodiacs to a nearby village. The local community prepared a fantastic welcome and performed an interactive, traditional dance. Guests had the opportunity to sample local food and drinks. One of the morning’s highlights was watching local children attempt to scale a greased pole to reach a reward strung from the pole’s apex. Due to poor sea state and a prevailing wind, our in-water activities for the afternoon were cancelled, unfortunately. All in all, today was another great day enjoyed by everyone.