On our last day in Albania, we covered the full spectrum of its history at the UNESCO World Heritage archeological site of Butrint. We explored amongst the shade of the forest to view amazing sites like the Roman baths, Byzantine Basilica, Greek Theater, and the Turkish Fort. The views from the top were spectacular — but even those were surpassed when we returned to Sarande and visited the Ottoman Castle of Lekuresi.  We could see everything from the mountains: in one direction Corfu, with Greece in the other.

In the afternoon we set sail along the Corfu Channel, with the crew raising the sails to enjoy the light breeze. Rebecca Ingram, our historian, shared a presentation on “Ancient Greece 101” to get us ready for our arrival in Greece tomorrow. Then we finished the day with Paula Tagle providing the rich history of the Sea Cloud and a tour of the owners’ cabins.