Today we visited Santiago Island. Our first activity was a kayak exploration along the cliffs. These eroded areas are made of layers of ash deposited by the volcanic events that formed the island. Santiago is a middle-aged island located in the central part of the Galapagos. The warm waters of the hot season have flooded the area, and we enjoyed snorkeling with large groups of colorful tropical fish and a manta ray! We also explored Buccaneer Cove, a site where sailors, pirates, and buccaneers once anchored. The site is full of geological structures that were once included on maps, including the Praying Monk. 

In the afternoon, we visited Puerto Egas, where we made a wet landing on a beautiful black sand beach. We walked along a loop trail that took us around the shoreline to the inside of the island. On the coast, we observed sea lions, various shorebirds, and marine iguanas. The beautiful landscape featured many volcanic shapes. One of the most famous is a basaltic rocky bridge.