We are nearing the end of a fantastic expedition in the Galapagos Islands! Today we are in the central region of the Galapagos paying a visit to Santiago Island. Our daily activities started in the early morning with disembarkation at Espumilla Beach. Before we boarded our fleet of Zodiacs, we spotted a pod of bottled-nosed dolphins near the ship! We headed in that direction and the show started! They were swimming and breaching all around us as we drove our fleet of Zodiacs along the shore.

At the end of the dolphins show, we landed at Espumilla Beach for a leisure walk with our team of naturalists and photo instructor hoping the get the best of our morning. Espumilla did not disappoint us! Pacific green sea turtles were all around and along the shallow waters. This is breeding season and they are coming by the thousands to the Galapagos to nest. The beach has colonies of ghost crabs and sea birds foraging in the shallow waters. These waters are nutrient rich and there are large schools of sardines for pelicans and blue-footed boobies.

In the afternoon, we landed at Puerto Egas on Santiago Island. Here we went for a hike along the shore searching for wildlife. We soon found Galapagos sea lions, Sally Lightfoot crabs, pelicans, and many other creatures! The best part of this hike was the feeding frenzy of pelicans and brown noddies! The shallow water was full of fish and all seabirds were ready for a meal.

We came back at sunset ready for wine tasting while recounting the best memories of this paradise!